A powerful prepaid card with the convenience, freedom, and control you need.

Make purchases online, in-store and over the phone at over 34 million worldwide merchant locations that accept MasterCard®.
Some of the benefits of the ndfs prepaid card are:

  • It's easy - Purchase, load and activate your card in minutes
  • No complicated forms or document to fill in
  • No credit checks or bank accounts required to receive a card
  • Top up your card online
  • Protect your identity when shopping online
  • Card is not linked to your bank account – your bank details are secure.
  • Pay suppliers instantly online with your card
  • You can only spend what is on the card, enabling better management of your companies money
  • Easy to block the card if the card is lost or stolen
  • Check your balance online
  • Shop securely with Chip and PIN in-store, online and over the phone at 36 million merchant locations worldwide that accept MasterCard
  • Unique and secure login to our online portal
  • Review your account and transactions with 24/7 secure online access

The ndfs prepaid business card will be an asset to your business

Take back control of your finances with our prepaid mastercard

Pay your suppliers online

Your ndfs card is a smart way to pay your suppliers, employees’ salaries or to make any online payments via the online portal.

Pay for goods in store

The ndfs prepaid mastercard can be used to buy good or services wherever the mastercard logo is displayed.

Online console to keep tabs on your spending

View your companies online reports 24/7 to see how your card is being used. Feel secure in the knowledge there will be no hidden surprises, no one can spend more than you’ve loaded onto your card.

your prepaid mastercardcard will help control your cash flow

From now on you’ll know exactly where every penny of your company’s hard earned cash has been spent - vital for managing your cashflow. The ndfs prepaid MasterCard provides you with a secure management portal, here you will be able to activate and load cards individually or in bulk - you’re completely in control.